Claudia Ulla Binder p
Christian Weber b
Dieter Ulrich dr

BOX was founded in 1999. Dieter Ulrich (dr) and Christian Weber (b) play together as a rhythm section in many different groups, a.o. with Oliver Lake. For Dieter BOX may be the most sound orientated group he plays in, for me it is the “jazziest” context I have chosen. We are commonly dedicated to an improvised music that reflects structure at the same time it is constructing it. This sounds much more intellectual than it is, as all three are able to be passionate, emotional and constructive at the same time.
The Trio has frequently collaborated with Joachim Zoepf (sax) from Cologne.
Though for the first part of the evening the Trio of the pianist… presented itself. Here the classically trained, versatile double bass virtuoso Christian Weber and the refreshengly unorthodox drummer and percussionist Dieter Ulrich proved to be alert partners.
With almost telepathic precision they reacted to the sound expeditions of Claudia Ulla Binder. Single passages seemed to be so perfect in and conscious of form that it was like experiencing structures and developments that had been previously agreed on. Nick Liebmann (NZZ)
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