3 women on 2 pianos

Gabriela Friedli (p)
Manuela Keller (p)
Claudia Ulla Binder (p)

No other project I have been part of has evolved more naturally than this. I had known both Gabriela and Manuela individually and wanted them to know each other as well. So we met in my music room with two grand pianos to exchange ideas and play together. It was so interesting and inspiring right away, and we had so much fun together ever since.

Our approach to improvisation is quite different: Manuela Keller loves to play over ostinati. For her own projects (idée manu) she writes music and has also used pieces by Bartok and Messiaen to improvise on. Gabriela Friedli explores structures of improvisation. The music she writes for her group (objets trouvées) allows a very open and organic approach to combine improvisation and written parts. My contribution once more is the strong sense for and knowledge of sound. People enjoy to listen to us and watch us dealing with this unconventional set-up!

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