The only solo Cd that is available was recorded 1999. The circumstances were lucky. I went to the old church in Boswil because of its great acoustics and asked Ernst Thoma to do the recording. What I really wanted to do was to record sounds to produce a tape to play along with. As so often, things we want don’t work out, but others do. The tape was never produced because I was unsatisfied with the results. But, being in a church alone with a beautiful old Steinway I sat down in the evening and “played a bit”. After about fifty minutes I got up and said to Ernst Thoma: I think I played some pretty common stuff. He contradicted and the music was published on unit records almost in the order it was played and with hardly any editing. It is an example of “free” improvisation in its best sense.

Meanwhile playing solo has become a more common thing. Here is a link to a video by Helen Petts that she took in November 09 at the Vortex in London (mopomoso night of the London Jazz Festival)

Solo Piano 1
Solo Piano 2

I am working on another Solo-CD and hope to record this summer (2010)

From reviews of the Solo CD:

“…solo piano illustrates the creativity and versatility of the pianist and makes an enjoyable listen…” François Couture

“… you will have to keep in mind the name Claudia Ulla Binder. She plays always with dynamic subtlety and luckily sometimes with an ironic twinkle of the eye, her music is both associative and formally clear…” Concerto

“…it is at the same time abrupt and tender, sometimes romantic, but at no moment it is just meant to please…it shows a profound research of the instant creation and a deep knowledge… for advanced melomans…” Jazz Notes

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