Quatre têtes

Susann Wehrli (fl and melodica)
Priska Walss (tromb and alphorn)
Gabriela Friedli (p)
Claudia Ulla Binder (p)

This unusual combination of instruments has resulted from the combination of two duos: Gabriela and Priska, Susann and me. We had a great experience when performing at the “Stadtsommer 2005” in Zürich, playing at the courtyard of the former cloister Fraumünster. Two Steinway grand pianos in the open air on a warm summer night, in such a beautiful space, an unforgotten experience.

We recorded the CD Figuren at the Radio Studio in Zürich and it was published on creativesources.

That these women are technically well-trained becomes evident from the very first cut "Beauty's Biest", a cross of amusing improvisation and chamber music which meshes somber chordal work and quiescent coals of whimsical, if digestible anti-patterns…. Yet even during the most skeletal exchanges... the rewards come from a pair of factors: the absolute transparency of the timbres and the rather candid approach to unearthing instant solutions, both qualities manifested in every juncture by the musicians. This is a much appreciated attitude revealing seriousness — not necessarily a given in today's scene. Maybe the secret lies exactly there: this stuff does not sound like "avant-garde".

Massimo Ricci (The Squidco's Ear)

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