“Rohschliff” for Flute and Piano

The idea came from Werner Bärtschi, Swiss composer and pianist. He called me 1999 to ask if I would like to contribute a piece for a concert he planned with many other Swiss composers. I said no, sorry, I do not compose. After a few days I called back to tell him I wanted to have a go and write something. The piece is 5 minutes long and the piano part uses 3 e-bows. The flute part asks for common contemporary techniques.

It was performed 1999 by the members of the „Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich“. It was performed a second time in 2005 by well-known Swiss Flutist Peter-Lukas Graf and Werner Bärtschi in the Zürich Tonhalle, a wonderful experience!

It was performed in Beijing in 2008 by Rose-Marie Soncini (fl) and Esther Flückiger (p) at the Congress on Women in Music. They did a recording of it, available through me.

„Schlingen“ for Viola and Piano

The second piece was initialised by Swiss violinist and viola player Mirjam Tschopp who had heard the flute piece and asked if I could write something for her. The City of Zürich supported the piece with a commission. What I tried and I think achieved was to write music the same way as I would improvise it, only that I was able to tell both players what to do! It was written in a painstaking process, note by note, sometimes waiting for the next sound to be heard for hours. In the end it sounded very fluent and quite simple, much like a good improvisation. The first performance took place in the series “Musik an der ETH” in Zürich May 5th 2006. Riccardo Bovino (piano) and Mirjam Tschopp (viola).

After a long break I am writing again, this time for mezzo soprano and piano. The first performance will take place 2011, probably January.

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