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Claudia Ulla Binder.

The relation of saxophone and piano is an antrum. What else could possibly connect these very different instruments -- an unruly blow-tube and a case with strings that you manipulate using keys? ....whether rapidly skittering or thoughtfully placed, the organic and discreetly balanced sounds in this manifold cycle of fifteen exceedingly transparent images appear fresh and new. Thomas Meyer


The music of Quatre Têtes never leaves me unmoved; it always takes me somewhere, right into it with enthusiasm, with interest on the edge, sceptical to a certain degree: It draws me directly into the converstions of four abstract, very different characters, who inhabit a world full of mysterious landscapes, bizarre spaces and surprising topography. Co Streiff

Published byi creative sources recording in Lissbon

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Claudia Ulla Binder solo piano
This CD was recorded live at the Old Church in Boswil in 1999 and combines 13 pieces of free improvised music.
Recorded by Ernst Thoma. "Pour mélomane avancé" (JazzNotes)

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The Great Musaurian Songbook probt und konzertiert seit 1990 regelmässig in der Trio-besetzung mit Claudia Ulla Binder, Dieter Ulrich und Alfred Zimmerlin. Gelegentlich musiziert das Trio mit exquisiten Solisten wie Tom Varner, Vinny Golia (Jazzfestival Willisau 1994), Jacques Siron, Markus Eichenberger, Carlos Baumann, Hans Kennel und anderen. Die drei setzen Klangereignisse intensiv hörend zueinander in Beziehung, reagieren mit den Klängen ihrer Instrumente auf vorgefundene Ordnungen und Idiome, spielen mit ihnen, verdeutlichen sie, stören sie, biegen sie um, ganz so, wie es die immer noch lebendige Praxis musaurischer Volksmusikanten bei Festanlässen und Senfsaucen-Rezept-Experimenten ist.

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HumaNoise congress:
the gathering of improvisers in the late middle-european 20th century. Their purpose: the creation of radical contemporary music. From 1987 on this ideal association keeps on being tenacious of life: meanwhile numbering more than 40 participants. Not uproaring, but still noisy, it is improving a common sense of both, a musical and a social vision of freedom: individually and collectively. During a collective 3-day-performance HumaNoise congress No. 4 combines 12 improvising musicians of highly individual languages in highly different sounding sets ranging from <duo> to >tutti>.
What is offered to the inclined listeners' ears on this cd, is more than a mere documentation: it is a fine choice of improvised music as life should be: intense and serious, transitory and frolicsome, too. A pleasure-trip. Walter Schreiber

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BOX Ten Variations On An Unknown Theme
Claudia Ulla Binder piano
Christian Weber bass
Dieter Ulrich drums, bugle
This freely improvised music was recorded live on June 20th + 21st 2002 at Radiostudio DRS 2 in Zurich, Switzerland.
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